Technology Badges

Our district's mission highlights five key words: PrepareEngageEducateEmpower, and Inspire. These words have been paired with objectives from this year's STEM vision in order to leverage the power of technology to enhance student learning.

If you can accomplish any of these tasks, I will place a "badge" on your door to show the students and staff that you care about aligning your technology instruction with the district mission. I will try to award badges to anyone that I see, but please let me know after you have finished a task. If a category has more than one challenge, you only need to complete one challenge to receive the badge. Here are the challenges:

Participate in a Twitter chat for teachers
Attend an EdCamp or Unconference in Minneapolis, Burnsville, St. Cloud or somewhere else.
Create your own blog to reflect on your practice.
Attend a workshop by our very own Angie Kalthoff! She will be offering more classes this spring.

Conduct a formative assessment of your class using Kahoot, Socrative, Nearpod, or another digital tool.
Have students share their work or exciting class events on the school Twitter account.

K-1: Have students log themselves in to the STAR test.
K-1: Have students use ABC Mouse on the iPads.

Have students make a digital book on Book Creator
Have students make a how-to video on Explain Everything

K-1: Have students practice fluency using Chatterpix.

Create digital portfolios and have students share their best work on Kidblog (2-5) or Easy Blogger Jr. (K-1).

Expand your classroom walls through Skype in the Classroom or Google's Connected Classrooms
-Connect with guest speaker
-Participate in a mystery skype
Take your class on a Virtual Field Trip
Use Talahi's Makerspace for inventing, tinkering, and creating in your classroom
Incorportate 3D design and 3D printing into your lesson.


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