Monday, February 8, 2016

Airserver at Talahi

Top 10 ways to use Airserver at Talahi

  1. Take pictures of students who are on task. Show to students via Airserver.
  2. Project ABC mouse app
  3. Use if for music in rotations and transitions. Note: If you turn mirroring off, your sound is still connected.
  4. Use for modeling from any part of the room (ex. Garageband, modeling)
  5. Have students share their work on Airserver. Note: You can have multiple iPads displayed at once.
  6. Display Class Dojo points
  7. Show a Youtube or show a Youtube through
  8. Display your Visual Exit Directions (Could be made on Google Slides)
  9. Facetime and Skype in the Classroom
  10. Display a Visual timer

For more information on Airserver see these tutorial videos:

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