Friday, March 20, 2015

Skype in the Classroom

Our Kindergarten and 1st grade classes have been connecting to others through Skype in the Classroom. Skype in the Classroom has hundreds of lessons and thousands of people to connect with. Some of our classes have met authors like Salina Yoon, Paul Czajak, and J.C. Phillips. The authors talked about what it takes to write a book. Many even read books to the class. Paul Czajak even read a book that hasn't been released yet to Ms. Schwanke's class.

We have also met other classes through Skype. Ms. Nelson's class just completed a Mystery Number game with another class in Connecticut. Students build number sense by trying to guess the other class's secret number. Students asked questions like "Is it odd?", "Does it have a 7 in the ones place?", and "Is it greater than 50?". More than anything Skype allows our students to connect to people that we would not have had the possibility to meet.

Here is Ms. Nelson's class playing the Mystery Number game.

Here are some Thank You's made in Chatterpix that Ms. Schwanke's class sent to Paul Czajak.