Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Integrate Technology = Earn Badges

Our district's mission highlights five key words: Prepare, Engage, Educate, Empower, and Inspire. In order to help promote these valuable words as well as have a little fun, here is a challenge for the Talahi staff. If you can accomplish any of these tasks, I will place a "badge" on your door to show the students and staff that you care about aligning your technology instruction with the district mission. I will try to award badges to anyone that I see, but please let me know after you have finished a task. You can complete any one of the options within each category. Here are the challenges:


Participate in a Twitter chat for teachers
Create a class Google site, Facebook page, Twitter account
Attend an EdCamp or Unconference in Minneapolis, Burnsville or somewhere else.
Create your own blog to reflect on your practice.


Create a quiz on Kahoot or Plickers (I have laminated cards for you to use) 
Enhance your content with QR codes or Powtoon
Teach using Explain Everything, Educreations, or Showme

Make a digital book on Book Creator
Use Mobymax data to differentiate your instruction
Use iPads in small group reading instruction using ConnectEd or Storia
Create a class on ABC Mouse or Hooked on Phonics
Have students create a list on Word Wizard to teach spelling

Create a class blog on Kidblog
Code with your class beyond the Hour of Code
Make a podcast with your students
Have students create a presentation using Haiku Deck, Google Slides, etc.

Expand your classroom walls through Skype in the Classroom or Google's Connected Classrooms
-Connect with guest speaker
-Participate in a mystery skype
Take your class on a Virtual Field Trip
Use Aurasma to share student work at conferences
Use the Talahi Mobile Makerspace with your class

1. I will not be able to notice all of the amazing things you do with technology. Please let me know if you or someone you know has earned a badge.
2. The activities listed above are just suggestions. Teachers can earn badges for activities that would fit into the 5 categories. We don't have to be limited by the activities listed above. Just let me know if you think you or another teacher has earned a badge.