Sunday, November 16, 2014

Brain Breaks

Are you not yet sold on the importance of exercise for our students? Maybe you are sold but want some help explaining the importance to other teachers and parents. Watch this moving video and see what you can do to get students more exercise.

Dr. John J. Ratey from Harvard University has done extensive research on exercise and its impact on the brain. Students need to have quick breaks to reengage their brains. Along with more exercise, students need quick brain-breaks throughout the day. Exercise doesn't make you smarter, but it can help your brain to be more prepared to learn. Here are some fun sites that you can use to take brain breaks with your students.

GoNoodle is a site that let's you choose a "champion" monster. This monster will grow and develop as you and your class move and groove to their many different brain break videos.

Adventure to Fitness is another video-based brain break website. This site has more of an educational focus than some of the other brain break sites. It tries to build vocabulary while providing students with fun videos to watch. A limited, free subscription allows you access to 2 full 30 minute videos, mini videos, and supplemental activities.

Health-E-Tips has a large library of brain break videos for classes to use.