Sunday, September 28, 2014

AutoRap Vocabulary

After students have created a student-friendly definition, choose a student to record their definition using Autorap. Play the rap for your students to review the meaning of the word.

Autorap is simple to use. Simply speak into the microphone and Autorap will turn your words into a rap.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Videos on Animoto

One of the quickest ways to take classroom photos and turn them into an eye-catching video is through Animoto. We went to the St. John's Outdoor University today with 2nd grade. At the site, I took photos and videos. I had hoped to take more, but we were having too much fun on scavenger hunts and singing about the layers of a forest.

On the way home, I simply clicked on the photos and videos that I wanted to include in my Animoto app on my phone. I then chose a quick theme and music from their pre-loaded options. In just a few moments, our video was finished.

It was just a few clicks to share this with my teaching partners. I also love the ability to quickly share this with parents. If I were in the classroom, I could have sent the link out to parents using Precious Status or  Remind.

One big hint to creating an account is to sign up online so that you can do so through Animoto's education sign up. Just use a school email address, and you can get a free upgrade to their Animoto Plus account.

Animoto is also very user friendly so students could use their own videos and pictures to create a project of their own. The possibilities are endless.